Exquisite Design for Unique Moments


The Eliandreia Villa consists of 3 levels with 3 independent entrances, all featuring an unbridled view of the Ionian Sea and the surrounding mountains.

The highlights of our facilities include:

  • Large Infinity Swimming Pool
  • Medium size infinity Swimming Pool
  • Small Pool for Children

  • Sunbathing Deck with Custom-Made Sunbeds

  • Traditional Stone Terrace with Pergola for Breakfast and Dining

  • Garden

  • Shared lounge
  • Fully equipped kitchen

  • Private parking

  • Outdoor barbeque

  • Private Jacuzzi

The Outdoor Area

The outdoor area of the Eliandreia Villa features a large infinity swimming pool on the main deck (including a children’s pool), and a medium-sized infinity swimming pool on the side of the villa. The poolside sunbathing area is fitted with custom-made sunbeds for the perfect tan and a modern pool bar for you to enjoy a perfect drink with a view.

Surrounding the pools you will find an outdoor barbeque area to host BBQ’s for the entire family, as well as a traditional stone tavern with a pergola for breakfast and dining that can seat up to 40 people.

The villa interior is split into two sections, the left and the right, which both include an upper, ground, and lower level.

The Left Section

The upper level of the left Section has a private entrance and includes 2 massive suites, Elia and Andreia which both access a balcony with a stunning view of the mountains and the sea. Both suites include large private bathrooms. Through the hallway you can access the cozy Artemis loft via an internal staircase which commands the most impressive view of the surrounding nature and sea.

The ground level of the left Section has an independent main entrance which opens towards a huge living room with a TV, filled with natural light and facing the swimming pool and the ancient olive tree of Eliandreia. Relax in style , featuring comfortable and modern furnishings that complement the gorgeous views. The natural light flooding in through the windows creates an open, airy ambiance that invites relaxation and rejuvenation. This living room is the perfect place to unwind with a book, gather with friends and family to enjoy the stunning surroundings or see your favorite movie.

Further inside you will find the majestic Hera Suite with an additional large private living room and sofa, a private ensuite bathroom, as well as the master bedroom. Outside the ground level is a beautiful wooden patio with direct access to the medium-sized swimming pool.

Taking the stairs down from the ground level living room to the lower level you will find two massive suites, Hestia and Daphne, each with a king sized bed, private bathrooms, and small rock gardens to let in ample natural light.

The Right Section

The upper level of the right Section features the biggest suite of Eliandreia, the Aphrodite Suite. The suite has a living room with huge windows surrounding it, a massive bathroom, as well as a private balcony with a jacuzzi and mini-bar with a stunning view of the mountains and sea beyond.

The ground level of the right building hosts a sunlit living room with high ceilings with wooden beams facing the main swimming pool and the sea, and also features a kitchen, wooden dining room table, and a large common bathroom.

The master living room in the right section features large floor-to-ceiling windows and glass doors allowing plenty of natural light and stunning views of the surrounding mountain and ocean view. The color palette includes light, neutral colors such as white, beige, or light gray, with pops of color in accents such as throw pillows and artwork. The furniture are contemporary in style, with clean lines and minimal ornamentation. The seating include comfortable, low-profile sofas and chairs. The overall ambiance is bright, airy, and relaxed, with a sense of spaciousness and comfort.

Taking the stairs down to the lower level of the right section you will find two large suites, Calisto and Oinoe, which each include a private bathroom, king-sized beds, and natural light.